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Greetings from Chuck Norris - The epic christmas split
Posted by Alex Kanivets
Posted December 20, 2013 | 0 favorites
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Chuck Norris Split,Chuck Norris Christmas Split,Chuck Norris Christmas Split Chuck Norris Christmas Greetings from Chuck, Greetings from Chuck Norris, The epic christmas split, Epic clip Chuck Norris Christmas,Chuck Norris shows JC van Damme how to do a proper split! the epic christmas split of chuck norris, chuck norris split volvo,chuck norris christmas split epic volvo,chuck norris vs van damme IF YOU LIKE IT, PLEASE SUBSCRIBE ! Christmas greeting from Delov Digital Credits to the original by: Credits to : Valentin Bajkov Song by: Enya - Only Time You may have seen that Volvo commercial featuring Jean-Claude Van Damme, well, that's nothing compared to what Chuck Norris can do // Puede que hayas visto el comercial de Volvo con Jean-Claude Van Damme, bueno, eso no es nada en comparación con lo que puede hacer Chuck Norris
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