Don Diablo - Higher ft Betty Who | Official Music Video
Posted by Vladimir M
Posted March 8, 2018 | 0 favorites
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Higher is the title song for Wildlife feature film "Wild Amsterdam" playing in cinemas across Holland now. More info: Taken from the album Don Diablo - FUTURE: A few years ago I had the honour of making the end credit as well as the title song for an independent film called "The New Wilderness". Much to everyones surprise that film ended up becoming one of the highest grossing films in Dutch cinema history and a sequel seemed inevitable. That sequel is finally here and when they asked me to provide a title song once more I couldn't refuse. I love the passion, dedication and patience the film makers put into these films and being a longtime inhabitant of Amsterdam myself it felt extra special to be a part of this incredible project. Directed by: Mark Verkerk Produced by: Ignas van Schaick Edit: Thomas Pieket Weeserik Additional Camerawork: Patrick Van Der Wal SFX: Erik Middendorp Executive Producer: Don Diablo Production Company: EMS Films Holland ⬡⬢ Don Diablo ⬢⬡ Spotify ⬡ Merch ⬡ Instagram ⬡ Facebook ⬡ Twitter ⬡ YouTube ⬡ SoundCloud ⬡
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