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Circonvolution improbable... Alexandre Lane Roue Cyr - Cyr wheel ImproCirque
Posted by Darius Krakowski
Posted November 9, 2014 | 0 favorites
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Circonvolution improbable: Alexandre Lane began his training at the National circus school of Montréal. He first discovered the Cyr wheel five years ago, when the discipline was just beginning to gain popularity in the circus world. Since that time he hasn't stopped pushing the limits of its potential. His goal is to present organic, symbiotic performances with his wheel. Beyond all, the wheel represents the archetype of fluidity and pure movement. It allows him to intimately touch the public with his graceful lines and original movements. With this vision, he can focus throughout his creations on developing a dramatic atmosphere that is based on intensity and stage presence. The innovative style he developed, as well as his expertise in Cyr wheel, allowed him to work with the department of research and development for new circus apparatuses at Cirque du Soleil. In 2012, he broke all the records of the International Circus Festival of Budapest winning the Gold Pierrot for his Russian cradle act "Chilly and Fly" and the Bronze Pierrot for his Cyr wheel act "Circonvolution Improbables." It was the first time in history that a performer won two major prizes in one major festival. He also won the Alexander Grimailo Studio prize as well as the Palazzo Special Prize for "The most artistic in performance and style." To continue his artistic development he co-founded The ReCircle collective, a group of independent circus artists who came together to share a common passion: creative research around the Cyr wheel and other kinetic sculpture . This collective work allows them, through the different perceptions of each member, to transform the boundaries between a performer and his discipline, and to explore the human relationship with his most crucial tool, the wheel. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- J'ai découvert la roue Cyr en 2006 quand cette discipline était encore toute jeune. Et depuis. je n'ai eu de cesse d'en repousser les limites. Mes performances ont comme axe de développement la recherche d'une symbiose toujours plus organique avec la roue. De plus, elle représente pour moi l'archétype de la fluidité, elle sublime le mouvement pur et me permet d'atteindre le public dans ses émotions les plus profondes. Ainsi, je privilégie dans mes créations une atmosphère dramatique que je base sur l'intensité et la présence scénique.  En fait, je définis avec la roue un nouveau vocabulaire acrobatique qui s'apparente à celui de la danse contemporaine. Soirée ImproCirque du 9 juillet dans le cadre de la deuxième édition du Festival Montréal complètement cirque. Alexandre Lane info / Booking: 514-569-8622 musique: Amon Tobin bloodstone
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