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The Modular Bench Power System #9 - More on Displays and an Arduino UNO ADC + LCD
Posted by jack chen
Posted February 5, 2015 | 0 favorites
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In one of the previous videos we looked at a couple of display options briefly, in this video we examine the performance in a little more detail and also introduce two additional display options A pair of 3 digit displays from a company called ICStation based in Shenzhen, China who kindly provided a current and Voltage panel meter to evaluate. you can find their web site here: and as you will see, even though the meters are the lowest cost in the pack they performed admirably and where spot on for accuracy across the tested range so are worth a look for those not needing the additional resolution or on a budget also I cover a basic DMM option using an Arduino UNO and a 4 line by 20 Character LCD display (And that's all the parts used) where the built in ADC is pushed to more resolution by using over sampling and decimation to get 12 bit resolution from 10bit ADC, there are still issues with the lower range required to measure current as it only has a 0 - 200mV input to play with and the ADC in the test was using a reference of 5V. In a later video I will explore the use of external ADCs and one of the low cost VREF chips we have already reviewed, this should significantly improve accuracy and stability of the readings. For now this was to show how easy it is given just a few basic parts Sketch will be provided in the next few days on my web site and on Element14 community, I will link in once there available I hope you enjoy Oh, one last thing, I discovered the issue with the "VOL" flickering on the LCD display, I had the receding string too long and it was wrapping to the next line erasing the first 3 characters which where then re written with the update. This will be fixed in the released sketch
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